French Bistro Collection

Fermob Bistro Chairs Review 

The French outdoor and patio furniture manufacturer have continually proved themselves, experts when it comes to making quality outdoor furniture. Their expertise has become evident with the production of the Fermob bistro chairs. The re-styling and fabrication of these chairs have the culture of the 19th century while still maintaining high quality, relaxation, and color harmony. The Fermob bistro chairs design has both high simplicity and versatility making it a top choice for both household and commercial use. The manufacturer has a 24- color palette making it suitable for different environmental settings. For durability, the metal chairs are painted with UV-resistant powder mixture making them highly protected. You need not worry about your chairs getting damaged outdoors anymore.

Fermob bistro chairs collections

Fermob outdoor furniture manufacturers understand the wide demand for different patio and outdoor furniture. They have come up with a large collection of bistro chairs to meet the demands of the clients. Whether you need bistro chairs for your balcony, café, restaurants, garden or porch, you will simply get satisfied by Fermob bistro chairs.

Best outdoor dining chairs

The Fermob brand offers authentic and super-comfortable chairs for your dining room. A perfect choice of color will ultimately bring joyful moments for your meals in outdoor settings such as the balcony or garden. The colors of the chairs that come in sets will beautifully blend with the environment and lighting to create a great ambiance. Breathe some living spirits into your outdoor dining by using these chairs and your meals and comfort will improve.

Fermob Bistro folding chairs

Due to the need to simplify the difficulty of carrying and storing furniture, Fermob came up with Bistro folding chairs. These galvanized steel chairs are sturdy and lightweight. This makes them very easy to fold, store and carry to different locations. The steel designs come in different fabrications and appealing colors to catch every moment of the user’s life. Folding chairs are great in every outdoor activity ranging from parties, meetings, balcony comfort occasions, offices and eating joints. You need not worry about them being damaged because the steel is tough and are protected from strong UV- rays.

Fermob bistro chaise longue chairs

This is a great outdoor furniture from the French furniture expert, Fermob. With no need for cushions, these chairs give you maximum comfort, and you get to choose your preferred color. You, therefore, get colors that truly blend with your settings such as your backyard, your balcony setting or the swimming pool surrounding. Stretching on this chair, your comfort is paramount, and you will perfectly fit on it while enjoying the sun, taking a drink or simply taking a nap.

Fermob Bistro Metal chairs

Since the 19th century, Fermob has continually made fantastic chairs from galvanized steel and aluminum. These metals are not only versatile but also durable. They are also rust-resistant. Outdoor furniture enthusiasts get to choose a large variety of these metal chairs. With the choice to fold them and transport easily, one can also permanently set them in places such as the balcony or garden. There is assurance that the chairs will stand the test of any weather because of the coating. Here both quality and strength have been packaged together.


Fermob bistro chairs are of top form. This is why they have been featured and reviewed by fashion magazines, home décor professionals, exterior designers and top furniture experts and highly rated. Coming with sturdy compactness, versatility and a 24-color palette to choose from, these chairs are simply the best for all your outdoor and patio furniture needs. Order yours today online and enjoys the true French comfort.